Bal Vihar and Veda Class

Bal Vihar

We extend a warm invitation to our entire community to engage in this immersive "in-person" experience, set within the serene temple premises. Here, you can delve into the enriching realm of cultural heritage, values, and the essence of Sanatana Dharma. 

The purpose of Balvihar is to develop an awareness of our Hindu cultural and spiritual heritage, traditions, and values. Through the medium of stories, bhajans, shlokas, Vedas, crafts and games, children learn the tenets of Sanatana Dharma. Additional purpose is to instill pride and confidence in our children about their identity.

We welcome children aged 5 and older to enroll in Balvihar.  Any questions about Balvihar can be sent to

We are excited to welcome you into this transformative journey of learning, connection, and growth. Let us come together to explore the depths of our traditions and cultivate a deeper understanding of our shared heritage.

We kindly urge all participants to register for the program using the provided link. Whether you have been a part of previous semesters or are joining us for the first time, your registration is essential. 

Balvihar is open to all in the community.

Registration link for 2023-2024: 

THT Balvihar Registration Form (

Note: The google form above provides all the info including Balvihar schedule, Balvihar dates and Balvihar event dates.

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