Membership Info


Temple Membership is highly important to support Temple operations, provide our members an opportunity to participate in key temple decisions and to jointly create an excellent place of worship, provide spiritual and cultural learnings for current and future generations.

Becoming a temple member, not only supports daily functioning of the temple, but also provides membership benefits as mentioned below.

  • Members will be able to Vote in the Special Meetings and General Body Meeting
  • Members get priority requesting for priest services, if date/time conflicts with non-members
  • One free Yearly Temple Calendar


Currently, there are three levels of membership:

  • Full Member of the HSNC (Tax deductible annual fee of $150.00)
  • Individual Members (annual fee of $75.00)
  • Student Member of the HSNC (annual fee of $25.00)


THT Membership Eligibility Criteria:

  • All devotees who have donated $150 exclusively towards THT membership
  • All devotees who have donated either one-time or cumulatively $150 excluding for priest services or business sponsorship 


Please click here for HSNC By-Laws for member reference.

If you can't attend any HSNC member meetings, you can fill up your THT Member Proxy Form here.