board of trustees

  • Netra Shivakumar

    Netra Shivakumar


  • Deepak Kumar Anigulu Mohan

    Deepak Kumar Anigulu Mohan

    Vice Chairman

  • Raja Pokala

    Raja Pokala


  • GL Prasad

    GL Prasad

    Board Trustee

  • Venkat Iyer

    Venkat Iyer

    Board Trustee

  • Brunda Macha

    Brunda Macha

    Board Trustee

  • Sudersan Pasupala

    Sudersan Pasupala

    Board Trustee

  • Sudarshan Upadhya

    Sudarshan Upadhya

    Board Trustee

  • Dr. Krishnamurthy Kasibhatla

    Dr. Krishnamurthy Kasibhatla

    Board Trustee

  • Karthik Prabaharan

    Karthik Prabaharan

    Board Trustee

  • Dr. Kiran Lavu

    Dr. Kiran Lavu

    Board Trustee

  • RamaKrishna Golla

    RamaKrishna Golla

    BOD President

  • Temple Hours

                    9/21 - 10/1 (Temporary hours for priest vacation)
                    Weekends - 10a-1p; 6p-8p
                    Weekdays - 6.30p-8.30p

    Monday - Friday

    Saturday - Sunday

    Please use caution while visiting the temple due to active construction site