Temple History

The History of the Hindu Society of North Carolina (Triad) / Triad Hindu Temple

On February 11th, 1979 a few visionary leaders of the Greensboro Hindu community met at the Merrick Hall of North Carolina A&T State University. Their mission was to create a non-profit society with objectives to conduct Hindu and related religious activities and as well as to learn/teach/practice Hindu philosophy to the community for the years to come.

A Special Note: For many years, prayer meetings were held at people’s homes, community halls and even motel rooms! It took the drive, dedication and commitment of many people to buy this land and build this Center. Thanks to their generosity, we now have a place to call our own. This is our society and our community. It is now up to each and every one of us to build upon this to preserve and perpetuate our heritage.

When we channel individual strength together, we will have a strong society, a society our next generation will be proud of and ready to take over!

  • 1979 The first Hindu Society of NC, North Central region was founded
  • 1980 Constitution was developed along with Board of Directors (BoD) formation and a resolution to build a temple was adopted
  • 1981 The first HSNC newsletter and the General Body approved a resolution to build a temple
  • 1983 Religious library was established
  • 1984 The first production of the Sunday School (Balvihar) with Shiva Sati Play
  • 1985 Initiation of Temple Fund along with a committee tasked to build a permanent facility
  • 1989 Five (5) acres of land, 2424 Huffine Mill road was purchased
  • 1993 Bhoomi puja and a revised constitution was incorporated
  • 1994 Groundbreaking ceremony with Havan was performed
  • 1995 The 2400 sq. ft. building at a cost of $112,500 was completed with a loan and an inauguration with an overnight Akhand Ramayan Paat
    HSNC served its first dinner to the homeless at the Urban Ministry and the membership dues was increased from $25 to $150
  • 1997 Completion of the gravel parking lot and a public address system was installed
  • 1998 The initial loan was paid off. A Taste of India, a cook book entirely by the community members was printed for fund raising
  • 2001 Asphalt parking lot was completed
  • 2003 Outstanding Volunteer Service Award by the State of NC for its Urban Ministry services
  • 2004 HSNC celebrated its Silver Jubilee
  • 2006 Kitchen was renovated, and a new children's playground was installed
  • 2008 HSNC's main hall receives a facelift with marble altar and new carpets
  • 2009 Acquisition of seven marble Vigrahas and Pratishtha Mahotsav ceremony
  • 2012 Permanent Priest was hired
  • 2014 Addition of Balvihar class room/community center/modular building
  • 2016 Amended and restated constitution and new Bylaws and approval for Board of Trustees (BoT)
  • 2017 General Body approval to find a new place and to build a traditional Temple – Vision 2020
  • 2017 Purchase of nine (9) acres land entirely through donation at 7741,7742,7747,7751 Alcorn Road at $120,000
  • 2018 Introduction of Board of Trustees (BoT) for formal leadership activities towards Vision 2020 and beyond
  • April 14, 2019: Groundbreaking (Bhoomi Pooja) ceremony for the new traditional Temple
  • February 14, 2021: Balalayam Pravesam completed and we have moved to 7751 Alcorn Rd, Greensboro NC 27409.
  • April 17, 2021: PradhanaAlayam Bhumi puja completed.
  • May 2nd, 2021: Balalayam Prana Prathishta completed.


First Board of Directors: 1979
  • Bolin Borah

  • Jane Chandra

  • N.M.Chopra

  • Chaitu Bai Dakoria

  • J. Isharani

  • Ashok Khanna

  • K.M. Satapathy

  • G.D .Sharma

  • Sarla Sharma

  • P.K. Shenoy

  • Sekhara Rao

  • Veda Thakur

  • M.B. Veerabhadrappa

Office Bearers for 1979
  • N. M. Chopra


  • Vice President

    V.S. Avva

  • Treasurer

    M.B. Veerabhadrappa

  • Secretary

    Yogi Goswami

  • Social Secretary

    Jayshree Desai

  • Auditor

    Devinder Sachdev