Pooja Items

General Pooja
Pooja Items Required
Haldi Yes
KumKum Yes
Ghandha(Sandle Powder) Yes
Cotton Wicks Yes
Camphor Yes
Scented Stick Yes
Oil/Ghee Yes
Paper plates/Napkins Yes
Kalasha No
Kalasha vasthra No
Cotton Vasthara No
Bhasma(Vibhuti-required for Rudrabi Sheka) No
Upavitha No
Flowers No
Fruits No
Coconuts to offer for Naivaidya No
Coconuts small size(to keep on Kalasha) No
Supari Nuts No
Dry dates No
Deepa (Diyyas) No
panchapathra,Uddarane No
Quarters/Coins-Changes to keep No
Thier own Dities/Photos(if they waant to keep it for pooja) No
ghanta/bell(If you wnt to have yourself one) No
Arathi Holder(Aarathi Cup) No
Navagraha Pooja
Abhisheka for any deity
Vaahana Pooja